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Cold-Rooms-Better-Than-Conventional-Freezers AUG 07, 2023

Cold Rooms Better Option Than Conventional Freezers

Cold Rooms: These Chambers Are Constructed From Modular Puf Panels. The Walls, Ceiling & Floor Are Pre-Fabricated And Joined Together With Cam-Locks. The Chambers Are Made In Such A Way To Ensure Zero Leakages Between Walls & Ceiling. A Layer Of Silicone Gel Is Applied On Every Joint Between Walls & Ceiling To Prevent Any Leakages In Future. Once The Room Is Constructed, A Refrigeration Unit Is Installed To Cool The Chamber Artificially. In Small Or Modular Cold Rooms, An Air-Cooled Compression System Is Installed As It Is Feasible To Operate And Maintain Whereas A Big Cold Storage Or A Warehouse, A Water-Cooled Compression System Is Installed Due To Its Massive Cooling Capacity. These Cold Rooms Are Widely Accepted In Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Automotive, Textile, Chemical, Food Processing, Seafood, Dairy, Horticulture, Etc. The Major Benefit Of A Cold Room Is Its Ability To Store Things In Bulk And With Proper Design, One Can Stack Things On Racks. A Person Can Walk Into The Cold Room And Keep A Count Of Inventory, Unlike The Freezer Where The User Has To Spend Hours Unloading Goods & Count Everything Individually. With Everything In Its Right Place And Shape, The Chance Of Damaging Goods Is Very Low.

Life Expectancy Between Freezers & Cold Rooms.
Any Conventional Freezer Will Last Five Years Or Less But A Cold Room Can Last Up To 20 Years Or More. In All These Years You Can Shift The Cold Room As Many Times As You Want And If The Execution Is Done By Professionals, There Would Not Be Any Recurring Costs To It.

A Sealed Compression System Can Last Up To 5 Years But You Can Change It And Reuse The Structure As It Is Designed To Accommodate Such Situations. A Conventional Freezer Lasts 5 Years And Then Dumped Into The Junkyard And Cannot Be Used Again, Resulting In Increased Pollution In The Environment & Waste Of Limited Resources.

Though Cold Rooms Are Not Cheap To Buy But Sooner Or Later A Cold Room Will Be The Solution To All Storage Problems.

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What To Keep In Mind When Opting For A Cold Room?
There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Planning To Buy A Cold Room.

• The User Should Know The Difference Between A Freezer Room And A Chiller Room. Meaning, Whether They Want To Keep The Product Refrigerated (At 2 Deg. C) Or Frozen (At -18 Deg. C).
• The User Should Know If The Product Is Extremely Sensitive, Then Should Have A Stand-By Unit At All Times, Especially In The Case Of Ice Cream.
• The User Should Be Open To Learning Basic Fundamentals Of A Refrigeration Cycle.
• The User Should Float With Standard Specifications And Standard Brands.
• The User Should Align An Expert For Quarterly Check Of Appliance Working.
• The Cold Room Should Not Disturb Other Operations Such As Dispatch, Processing, Etc.

Fabricated-Kitchen-Equipment AUG 07, 2023

Commercial Kitchen: We Fabricate The Most Advance And Practical Kitchens

BRWINDIA Designs And Fabricate Commercial Kitchens As Per The Client's Expectations. They Manufacture The Most Trouble-Free And Most Affordable Equipment. With Spending More Than 35 Years In This Industry, They Have Gained A Name Of Trust Among Their Users. Whether Its About Service Or Practicality They Are Always One Step Ahead Of One's Expectations.

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