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Glass Top Freezer

Bharat Refrigeration Works is a leading Glass Top Freezer manufacturer and supplier in Delhi. Coldshell Glass Top Freezers in Delhi are equipped with vacuum glass on tops to prevent any additional heat into the chambers. With castor wheels to make them mobile for catering events.

Glass Top Freezer Manufacturers & Supplier in Delhi, Glass Top Freezer at Best Price in Delhi, Get Best Quality Glass Top Freezer in Delhi. When it comes to glass top freezers, manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. Coldshell offers a wide range of glass top freezers in Delhi that cater to various needs. With our expertise and experience, our professionals ensure the production of high-quality equipment that meets the expectations of both commercial and residential customers. The best price in Delhi is another attractive aspect for those seeking a glass top freezer that combines affordability with durability. These appliances are designed to withstand everyday use while providing efficient cooling capabilities.

Whether you run a small café or need an additional storage solution for your home, these glass top freezers in Delhi are sure to meet your requirements with their quality equipment.

Item Code

Description of Goods

Capacity (Ltr)

Dimension (mm)

Operating Temperature

GT205 P

Glass Top Freezer


850 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

GT320 P

Glass Top Freezer


1200 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

GT405 P

Glass Top Freezer


1450 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

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