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Bharat Refrigeration Works is a Leading Chest Freezer manufacturer and supplier in Delhi. Coldshell Chest Freezers in Delhi are compact and portable. Equipped with superior insulation material and precise temperature control.

Chest Freezer Manufacturers & Supplier in Delhi, Chest Freezer at Best Price in Delhi, Get Best Quality Chest Freezer in Delhi. When it comes to finding the ideal chest freezer, Coldshell Chest Freezers in Delhi offers a wide range of options that cater to various needs. With our expertise and experience in producing quality equipment, our professionals ensure that customers get the best price. Without compromising on the performance or durability of the product. Whether you require a compact freezer for your small apartment or a larger one for commercial purposes, these manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi have got you covered. Our extensive range includes energy-efficient models equipped with advanced features such as temperature control mechanisms, fast freezing capabilities, and ample storage space.

Additionally, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing excellent after-sales service and warranties on the products. By choosing from this diverse selection of chest freezers in Delhi available at competitive prices, consumers can trust that they are investing in top-notch equipment that will meet all their refrigeration needs efficiently.

Item Code

Description of Goods

Capacity (Ltr)

Dimension (mm)

Operating Temperature

CF205 SD

Chest Freezer


850 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

CF320 DD

Chest Freezer


1200 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

CF405 DD

Chest Freezer


1450 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

CF500 DD

Chest Freezer


1680 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

CF600 TD

Chest Freezer


1915 X 665 X 850

-20 °C

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